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1World Marketing

Need something different at your event or running a promotion? Add exciting games to entertain your guests or audience!

Spin & Win Wheel

  • 8 segments; LED arrow; vinyl printed face or use the current design for free; crated. We also have the only 100% outdoor version with no electronics, made from solid metal
  • Spin to Win – land in a single segment; try land on the same segment 3 times out of 5 tries; various entry criteria

Money Shower

  • GOLD is the most advanced version worldwide, with stop start technology
  • LITE is the latest version, simpler and single fan
  • In the Money Shower for between 30 and 90 seconds; collect notes and enter into external Perspex box; whatever is there at the end of the time you win
  • There is a Prize Coverage version of this which allows 3x finalists to play for 30 seconds each; e.g. win R1Million. If it is activate and won, Rock & Cricket pays out
Money Shower gold png 768x548 1

Cash Catcher

  • As per GOLD Money Shower, however stand outside and put arms into the PromoGame®
  • Stand outside and put your hands into the Cash Catcher. Between 30 and 90 seconds; collect notes and only remove hands at end of time period. What you have in your hands you keep
  • There is a Prize-Coverage version for this too


  • Half pipe with 1-6 coloured balls on top
  • 1-6 numbered blocks at the bottom
  • Choose your colour ball, where it lands you win the numbered prize
  • Can play single or between 4 and 6 people at one time
Ball Slider


  • Like the lotto; numbered balls; semi auto system
  • Choose your number or numbers; if you get them first, you are a winner
Ball Selektor Lotto on base


  • Various ones for ticket entries

Angel Wings Lit

  • On telescopic pole
  • For photo opp; stand in front and have photo taken on your phone; with wings…
  • Darker area required
Angel Wings w


  • Crack the code and win the prize
  • Perspex safe
  • Code board can be provided. Random choose a code and you could win
  • Upto 70 winning codes inserted into the system

The Multi-Colour Ball

  • Combine this with the Sphere Tombola
  • SA’s only multi coloured ping pong balls
  • Note what value/prize each colour ping pong ball is
  • Blindly, contestant chooses a ping pong ball, and wins

The Vendinator

  • Vending machine that disseminates boxes holding prize card
  • Insert token, choose a row and column, and win your prize
  • Colour coded boxes; optional branding
The Vendinator branded

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